Do you deliver?
Yes, our beloved “El Toro” demands only finest delivery service so he is well rested to get his “buck” on

How far do you deliver to?
We deliver anywhere within North America. However further distances will mean extra costs. “El Toro” requires special attention when his trips get long!

How big is the bull?
Our beastly bull measures in at 15’L 15’W’5’H

Do I need to hire someone to operate it?
Two fine and fit cowboys are required to reign in this bull.

Is this provided by the company?
We are happy to provide staff to set-up, wrangle and put El-Toro back to bed at an additional cost.

How long is the average rental time?
El-Toro usually tires after 4 to 6 hours. After that he gets grumpy!

How long does it take to set up?
Depending on where you’re located and set-up requirements, getting El-Toro up and ready for your guests can take up to two hours.

What age upwards can ride the bull?
Buckaroos as young as five years old can hop in the saddle.

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